About Us

Hemp as a crop has long been undeservedly forgotten throughout the world. The hemp plant is unique not only for its properties. During the growing season (growth) for 120-140 days, the hemp plant manages to produce the amount of oxygen secreted by the forest with an area of ​​4-6 times larger than the area of ​​hemp planting. When cultivating hemp, it does not require a long fertilizer time, and during crop rotation, it is almost never, which makes the process of growing hemp the most environmentally friendly in the world. All cannabis products are biodegradable without any environmental impact. Processing and production technologies are also environmentally friendly. The properties of materials obtained from hemp are superior in their parameters to analogues from traditional materials. They are more durable, environmentally friendly, functional. Possessing inherently exclusive properties, hemp products, materials and goods remain sufficiently accessible to the consumer. And if you evaluate the quality and properties - it is far ahead. In our country, there are more and more manufacturers of goods based on technical hemp. There are more and more products. We collected all the products in one place and created an aggregator site. Now you can buy hemp oil, hemp protein, hemp seeds, hemp kernels, hemp flour, hemp bars, hemp cosmetics in one place. We arrange delivery of goods throughout the country. You can order delivery by our courier to the address, pick up your order at the pick-up points, or get it by delivery by the transport company. Preaching the principles of a healthy diet, minimizing the negative impact on the environment, greening the biosphere, we have come to the only right direction - the development of the direction of cultivation, processing and wide distribution of hemp in the life of the maximum number of people. We believe that in the very near future hemp will regain its lost leading position in human use in all areas of its life. We will acquaint you with all the news related to hemp breeding in Russia, changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation related to hemp culture, new products, exhibitions and events in which hemp producers and processors will take part, as well as keep you informed about all promotions!