Three times environmentally friendly

It’s hard to imagine any kind of agriculture, so positive effect on the ecosystem. Being, in fact, grass, hemp undemanding to the composition of the soil and grows in all latitudes. If you do not chase for record yields, it is possible to obtain a completely environmentally friendly a product that meets the most stringent quality requirements. At the use of crop rotation, increases the yield of crops planted after by myself. During the growing season produces an amount of oxygen comparable to the production of a commensurate amount of oxygen by the forest is six times the area. Materials and products derived from hemp are completely biodegradable. So,for example, traces of a disposable bottle disappear completely by 80 days stay in the soil. Unlike cotton, the production of synthetic fabrics, in the process of processing and manufacturing does not require the use of aggressive chemicals, waste is not assigned a hazard class. Production completely non-waste.